Friday, July 4, 2008

The movie is not about gay men or ballet... You've got to watch the movie..clicking the link would be a better choice.
Throughout the world, one person dies of AIDS every 10 seconds
According to global health facts
33,200000 PEOPLE in the world are now infected by AIDS. Out of these 33 million,
69000 of them are from Malaysia, our home.

Help Unite the world against AIDS.
See how you can get involved today

or go Malaysia Boleh by joining the Malaysian AIDS Council

Volunteer today and be the difference that you want to see.

Have you ever felt, that life is just not worth this??

This movie touched me.
Even if I'm watching on a slow connection.
At first I thought it would have been one of those nude ballet people sort of clip...But when they started falling out of the hour glass, I suddenly realized that
life can slip out of reach just like that.
There's nothing you can hold on to. Once you reach the bottom, you fall,and you will never get up again.

I never wanna go down this path.
This is definitely the path of no return.
I just wish there's something that we can do to help those who have.
I mean, put yourself in their shoes.
It would probably be hard on them to handle discrimination and death at the same time.
I'm not surprise some of them actually tried suicide.
I would be afraid too.
I mean, we all know we're going to die one day. But when it hits you in the face that you're going to suffer like this and then die in October/ just before Christmas/ 4 days after new year.
Your whole world just suddenly falls.
And you realize the house, the money, the cars... CREDIT CARDS, tons of shopping,
contacts (who will SUDDENLY disappear) ,
just don't matter at all.

Then you go back to what you're missing and really live your life.

It's true, just like it's said in The Book of Ruth

-People have to go through the worse to bring out the best in them-

That being said. Go outside now, smell some flowers or play with the dog.
Have a beautiful day.


Simon Ho said...

the stigma and discrimination towards people with AIDS has long existed in our society even till today sad to say.

when i watched Philadelphia,the character played by Tom Hanks, lost everything he worked hard for because of the discrimination he faced and slowly the effects of AIDS slowly took a toll on his life.

it's really important for us to live life to the fullest before we realise that it's actually too late for us to do so.

and i certainly loved that video!! it has a very deep meaning in it

Armando Torres said...

Every morning I wake up, have a cup of coffee and walk outside and yell "Hello World, its going to be a beautiful day!"

No, I dont do that but I should. Instead, I just slowly roll out of bed, lift my groggy eyeballs and stretch the tiredness out of my body. Then I go to the window and see the sun and let out a low slow growl. Grrrr. But thats gonna change now, after reading this; Im actually gonna go outside now and let out my low slow growl.

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Simon,

Yeah you've got to live life to the fullest everyday form young.. Not just when you're retired.

I've seen so many people work their lives away..and only start enjoying when they're 55. That is VERY sad.

Cause they can't do everything then.
It's health hazardous at that age..

Say bunjee jumping for instance. SAD case whei!! :(

Alexis-Marie said...


Grrr. Grrr... let your roar sound lol.

Nona Nita said...

The clip is very powerful. Your compassion is also. Awareness and education can only do so much. Than compassion has to take over.

Dea said...

This is great info to know.

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