Friday, July 25, 2008

Walking stick... necessary...

I don't get why people think they're bad?

I've met them and they are really pleasent and nice. But everytime I tell them that they're nice, they put on this defence mechanism and tell me that they're not nice. That they're jerks or evil people. 

Do good people like to think that they're bad so that if they do something bad, it's actually ok?

lol. Probably. Like how I think I'm fat and my friend tells me that
 I'm not allowed to talk about fat around him, cause he thinks I'm blind.

People are very complicated. 

Or maybe my friend is right and I am blind. 


Armando Torres said...

Well, if you were blind you wouldnt think you were fat. I think we have conundrum on our hands.

YogaforCynics said...

I suspect we're all at least a little bit blind when we look in the mirror...or maybe it's the mirror that makes us blind...

MortEscura said...

We are all insignificant... :)
Blind, in denial, mean, doesn't really matter. =]

It's just nature of things.
No one's perfect... and I think that's why they say that.

But there are nice people.
Good people (i wonder about this sometimes);

You are not fat. Can you move? Can you run? Besides by 2030, 93% of American population might be obese.
So... (and statistics kind of show, that they are trying to be nice... so it might be even worse!)

Exercise? =]

You can come to Kansas, and we'll workout together. (LOL!)

Anyways... thanks for the post on my blog.
** Have a great weekend **