Monday, July 21, 2008

Quirky is as quirky does

Armando Torres tagged me. Wow, it's been a while since I've been tagged. So honestly, I don't know where to start. I'm always called weird. So all right. I've got to pick 6 of it. hmmmm.

1) I always get lost on the bus. Like.. I took the bus 4 times.. and out of that 4 times. I got lost 3 times! Probably cause I don't pay attention on the bus, miss my stops and go all the way to the end of the line or just sit there till it comes back to my stop. I know.. it's time to wake up but whoa!! I do see a LOT of weird things.

2) I watch videos and listen to music over and over and over again if I like em'. Ok. take "Come What May" a soundtrack from the Moulin Rouge. Lovely! I played it more than 20 times the first time I heard it and I'm still listening to it today.

3) You should see me cross the road. It's funny. My friends say when I run I either look like a duck or some retarded princess who can't move her hands cause I leave them stiff by my side. Funniest thing ever. Worse off than a chicken.

4) I'm 5 feet 5 but I have feet which are size 9... !!!

5) I walk so quietly that my friend thinks I'm a cat. Cause they can't hear my footsteps around the house. There just isn't any sound :P

6) I'm naturally weird. Seriously I'm quirky. I do all these weird things spontaneously. That's why it's so funny to be me. When you're around me, you won't be able to stop laughing. Like last night at my friend's place. I'm double jointed so yeah, I have the amazing power of popping my shoulders. I know how to keep life interesting enough for myself so that I will never get bored. Another reason why I think differently from many people I know :)

All right. Done.. Now who shall I tag?

Prem, John Miao, Blue, Simon Ho and This Brazen Teacher.

This is going to be interesting :)


Armando Torres said...

haha, I think the one where you run with stiff arms is pretty funny. I can picture exactly how goofy that may look. Good job at doing your tag homework *gives pat on back* popping out your shoulders is pretty quirky, haha.

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Armando.. hahaha...

Yes I know I am weird. If only things were different.. Neh I like it this way

Anonymous said...

Ha. What fun. Love tags.

Alexis-Marie said...

Hahaha.. I love'em too :D

This Brazen Teacher said...

Done! And it WAS fun. I feel smarter somehow.

Simon Ho said...

ahoy!! haha. actually i do have this policy of "tags are for fags". but you know what? i'll do it for you soon! have a nice day =)