Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Obsessed Freak

Since we're on the topic of stalkers, let me tell about the one I had in college. He was the scariest, freakiest stalker I have ever met in my life.

I was two weeks into college doing my A-Levels when I met him. He was my senior so fine we talked and stuff. He was my only friend there. 2 weeks later he told me that he liked me, I kinda figured from the way he was acting around me when he introduced himself. But I just talked him out and said "I'm sorry but I don't feel the same way about you. I don't even know you so yeah, you should look for other girls" (My usual standard reply)

But he wouldn't give up. Wanted me to get to know him so fine, I gave him a chance... told him that I'll just get to know him in the next 2 weeks and see how it goes.

At the end of 2 weeks, I still only saw him as a friend but he didn't get that part. He asked for more time, but I told him that I'm very very sure about it. So I just left it there.

But he wouldn't give up on me. He was obsessed. No doubt about it. He would wait for me outside my classroom, or by the stairs when I'd go to the girls bathroom, at the lobby when I'm in class, library when I'm studying and ALL THE TIME, he would try to go out for lunch with me and my friends. On top of that he'd call me when he's not there. He'd call at night, in the morning, in class!!, all the time. I felt so choked up like I was in the cage

Plus he bugged my friends about me when I don't pick up his calls. It drove them nuts. But THANK GOD that we're tight, so they didn't pressure me to just give in or anything. They were very helpful. They constantly yelled at him to leave us alone.

After about 4 months, he started smoking and drinking. His friends were my friends as well and they'd tell me stuff about him and that I should talk to him. Cause he claims that he smokes and drinks because he's depressed about me. OMG! How could anyone do that right? It's completely unethical cause (at that time, I was only 17) I don't drink. I mean yes to wine and all but I don't drink heavy. I never drink when I have studies to think about either. I was President of 2 clubs and Vice for one. I was a role model. Plus smoking is a definite no no. If he liked me, he wouldn't do that to himself cause they go against my values.

So fine. I confronted him. He lied to me and said that he'll stop smoking and that he'll be good and stuff and a whole bunch of other BullShit. But it just got worse. I guess it was my fault for giving him attention. Should have left him to be and acted as if I didn't care at all... Let him figure that it's not working then he might have probably stopped.

Then he'll start calling me at 2am in the morning when he's drunk. I'll so totally get pissed off, turn off the phone and go back to sleep. Come On. I have class at 9 everyday. Then he'll apologize his head off for disturbing me and ask me countless numbers of times if I'm ok.


2 months later he has a lung infection from smoking. Damn. I felt a bit guilty but I didn't let it go far. I was just being a concerned friend to see how he went and all. So I kept in touch with his sister. Who at one point started calling me names for no god apparent reason? OK... So I told him about it and GOD... he made things worse.

So I made a decision after that, that I do not want to have ANYTHING to do with him or his family. I just want to study and be left by myself.

So when he asked me if I was going to his party, I said No.. When his friends asked me, I said .. No. When his mom asked me (I called his house to ask for my book back) I said No. And mind you,they asked A LOT.

And when it was his birthday he was crying on the phone and asking me why I'm not coming?
I was like, unbelievable. I've been telling you "No" ever since the first time you asked me and now you still have the nerves to ask me this.

Anyways I didn't show up for his birthday and he was devastated. But I actually felt good about it.. Cause he finally got the message and left me alone. Too heartbroken I guess..

Among all the chaos however, the thing that really pissed me off is that he started telling everyone I was his girlfriend eventhough I was NOT.

He's the lamest person I have ever met in my life. i HOPE NEVER to see him again.

It was honestly a pretty scary experience. Thank God for my friends. I never would have made it without them


Simon Ho said...

hahaha. oh my god. what a story! but it's amazing you are still a sane person after all that. that guy seriously has issues man.

Jon said...

interesting ;p

Armando Torres said...

ha, your stalker stories crack me up. I just had to link you. How do these guys find you? I mean, I wish I had a chick-stalker, you know just so I can feel like a superstar.

I thought it interesting that this guy couldn't take a soft-rejection but instead prefered to be completely humilated and take the rather harder rejection. Good for you by the way. That guys an idiot. Oh yeah, when I want to get with a girl I always insistently ask "are you ok?" "are you ok?" "are you ok?" "are you ok?"
What a douche.

Alexis-Marie said...

Simon!! :D

He can't bug me. I'm supergirl. lol. Yeah, it was really hard but like I said that God for friends. He really was starting to get to me. I'm just glad I didn't show him my house. Imagine a drunkard outside screaming my name??

Alexis-Marie said...

Hi Jon,

No, Not interesting, Freaky. Big Big difference

Alexis-Marie said...

Armando Torres!

YOu wish you had a chic-stalker?? OMG. You're supposed to learn from my post so that it won't happen to you not start wishing it did! And YEAH, I had a tiny taste of how Britney suffers from the Papparazzi. No wonder she's mental.

Yeah he's insane. Thank God I don't know where he is anymore :)

Simon Ho said...

hahaha. If you had shown him your house, i'm afraid you'll be the most talked about person in your neighbourhood

Alexis-Marie said...



BLue said...

Wuahaha, weird but funny story.
I don't like if a guy simply tell others that I'm his gf when I'm not.
I think I'll continue to call my ex my ex LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank goodness that's over. Hopefully something like that doesn't start up again.

Armando Torres said...

Alexis-marie, oh yeah I wish I had a chick-stalker. I'd be at a bar with my buddies and we'll be telling stories and I'll be like,
"yeah I have a chick-stalker, booya guys in your face!"
And they'd be like, "I knew you were awesome but not that awesome."
And I'd say "well this is god given boys."

[insert the sarcasm anywhere you like] :)

of course I wouldn't want one, it be all "fatal attraction" I'd probably find a dead bunny in my ramen noodles. Scary. I shutter at just the thought.

Marjie said...
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Marjie said...

Ohhhyyy....stalkers! Not a big fan of them all unless they're cute and flattering. Your guy has some serious issues though, glad you got rid of him. It would drive me insane too if I was in your shoe.

cheers hun....enjoy the freedom :)

Alexis-Marie said...

Hi Blue,

Yeah, if someone does that, it's completely disrespectful right? I really don't know what made him think I'd be with him after that. haha.. such a boy

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey ashley..

Yeap. Amen to that

Alexis-Marie said...


Ya know, I actually think you do want one.. hahaha... The guys would love you, she's free and everyone's dying to be in your place.. lol..

Don't you go lying now :P

Alexis-Marie said...


You're online. Glad to see you here.
Yeah thank God he's gone. And he did have a baby face. Perfect complexion.. but URGH. not my type of guy!

I like macho, rugged ones. :P

Jim said...

I once was a stalker too
loved her too much

Alexis-Marie said...

Jim.. !!

omg. Ok.