Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I can now tell the world that I have a friend in the Estee Lauder Model Search Competition

I really cherish my friends cause without them, I probably would not be me. :)
People think I'm strong but I actually am pretty easily influenced. I mean in a good way. I know my rights and my wrongs.

Today, I'd like to share with you one of my close friends. Her name is Joanne Loh. She's the sweetest most humble person who you would never meet anywhere else on earth. Really. We met when we were 14 and we grew up together and are still friends. She's just so awesome. But EXTREMELY Shy. We were both in the youth group and she would never let conflict spoil the group. Being the most compassionate person there, you can talk to her about anything and she keeps secrets very well too. Rare to find people like that ya know..

So now I'm blogging about her because she finally, (After 2 years of US(friends) pushing her, her bf only did it for 6 months and hmmph.. she listened to him..) joins the Estee Lauder Model Search. She's now in the semifinals and I really would love to see her through cause she really deserves it and with a personality like hers, she can do wonders for the world.

So this is Joanne Loh-Su Yen. I've asked her to do a lil bio of herself so you'll get to know her a little better.

Joanne Loh's biography

Well as for most people,as they grow up so does their self esteem but for me it was the other way around.

lol.Don't ask me why I've got no explanation to that.The reason why i join this competition is not to gain popularity or anything thing like that,but to boost up my self confidence and also gain some exposure.

I've been longing to try out things like this but never did because i don't think I'm cut out for it.Though there were a few friends of mine who encouraged me to join something well at least try it out.So here I am and i finally found the courage to go do something about it rather than just sitting around and dream for it to happen.
Never would i expect to be in the semifinals and with God's help and the support from friends and family i hope i will make it to the finals as well.

The reason why I never wanted to do this because I am first and for most not very pretty.My features are a little bit awkward because my nose is a little weird looking,and some say my eyes are to far apart and many more comments but there are those who thing that it's alrite.I hope that someone out there would see this as something different and fresh and not just any ordinary feature.Someone that will not only look for a beautiful face but also a person with a great personality.

I got motivated to do something about this modeling thing was when i watched this movie called 'Pursuit Of Happiness'.I'm pretty sure many of you have watched it and many of you were touched by the movie.In that movie i learned that no matter how tough life is,never give up because you'll never know,someday you will succeed.

But a quote in that movie that really hit me was when Will Smith said to his son 'never let anyone tell u what u can't do even me'.Which is so very true.There will be people around you even friends and family that will have negative thoughts to what you wish to do.That's very normal but if you feel that with much put in effort you will succeed and your heart tells you that this is the thing to do,then by all means do it and prove to them that they were once wrong.

Though this competition is not very well known neither is it a big event but one must start small from somewhere rite?So do vote for me not only because of my looks but also for my heart.I want to prove to the world that one can be beautiful yet smart and beautiful in the inside.To those who never took the initiative to get to know me but judged me from the outside,I will prove u wrong.

I am not perfect but I am definitely not just a girl next door.I am extraordinary in my own ways.So do support me and make my dreams come true..THANK YOU.

After this is all said, could you pretty please head on over and vote for my friend. The link is right here :


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



Armando Torres said...

Ok, just voted for you friend. Now you have to do me a favor. Hook me up!

Haha, only playing of course. She sounds like a really sweet person and good thing you cherish your friends; thats a good quality to have and recognize. I wish her the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I hope that it goes well for her. She seems like she really deserves it. :)

Alexis-Marie said...

Armando. . :)

Yeah she is really sweet. I'll pass on your wishes :)

Alexis-Marie said...

hEY there Ashley.

Thanks for the votes.. Yeah she totally does. And finally too. She's not getting any younger :)

Steven said...

Hello there, Whoa really want friends that can support my dreams like you. What a nice friends you are. I'll definitely root for her! For having a nice friend like you

aprily~ said...

hey there!
i've voted for your friend, joanne loh. its not because you've asked me to but her personality after reading her biography. i believe that she is the one that is worth voting. so yeah. best of luck to her. =)

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Steven,

Friends like me aren't hard to find. I've got a few of them :) And I don't mind helping you out if you need anything ok...

And Thanks so so much for voting.

Alexis-Marie said...


Thanks so much for the vote. She truly has an extraordinary personality. :D

fren_ace said...

she' pretty cute!
i voted her.. but please do me a favor can you hook me up or add me in your blog links? thanks... feel free to visit my blog anytime

alexis-marie said...

All Right fren ace :)

Footyman said...

I am jealous of you two close friends..haha

Seriously I suppose that's waht friends are for, to inspire and to encourage each other towards one's goals!

All the best!

Johnny Ong said...

must check with a girlfriend who took part in the preliminary stage. wondering whether she got selected or not

Alexis-Marie said...

Footyman.. :D

I so wonder how on earth you got a name like that..

Yeah, hard to find friends like these huh? :)

Hope it lasts forever.. Thanks Footyman

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Johnny Ong..

Neh, you don't have to go through so much trouble. The results will be out somewhere during the week :)

This Brazen Teacher said...

This post does more than just promote your friend. It puts more behind her photo. Unless we get to know models, they're just girls we're jealous of who are probably "snobby and ungrateful for their god-given gifts." Oh, we can be so harsh on the pretty ones. I'll vote as well.

Alexis-Marie said...

O MY.. Brazen teacher.. you judge a book by its cover?? lol. I confess. I do too sometimes. But I guess it's human nature.

Thanks so much for voting. Yeah. You're right, I never saw this post as more than just a post.

Brazen, you really are observant aren't you :)