Thursday, July 3, 2008

DOTA ..... Death Of The Able

Have you seen how people .. ok, not people... BOYS play computer games. It's like the death of the able. All they do is sit there and go... OF FUCK!!! NO!!! TIU LE ARRR... WOIII!!! Especially for the game DOTA.

Is that not the most hideous looking picture you have ever seen in your life. Plus I've tried the game out.

I know it better as the ugly looking warrior game where the MONSTERS have BIG BIG Muzzels(muscles) and Metal underwear to protect **excuse me** ehem...

And also where these ugly little trolls walk about saying, Yes Me Lord?, Yes Me Lord. Right away Me Lord.... Yes Me Lord.

oo oo OH! And there's this guy on a horse who goes around saying... I'm the defender of the light. ATTACK!..(seriously a confused hypocrite)

Ok. .... Not a girl thing. Definitely not a girl thing. Nope... Not in a million years.. Maybe in the military but still, not a girl thing.

But you've got to admit, it's Hilarious!


Jim said...

Keep the Faith
Jesus loves u

Jesus is not the Church

Armando Torres said...

I dont know what DOTA is but I love playing my Wii and 360. Halo and Mario Galaxy are freaking awesome. What can I say, Im a gamer.

But I do understand where your sentiment stems from because I have seen World of Warcraft destroy lives and make numerous people flunk out of college and ruin relationships. Those types of gamers need to re-prioritize their lives. But gamers like me are cute good-looking gamers that love to pick up a controller every now and again and just relax and escape to some virtual world. Buzz Buzz. :)

Alexis-Marie said...

Kept the faith. i know he does.

Just that I'm not in church

Mila Cross said...

Lol, I know exactly what you mean. I've known people who play warcraft nearly 24/7 and neglect real life. Why can't people (ahem, guys) just keep a balance with things and play for like 30 min or something a day or an hour even? sheesh =P

Simon Ho said...

Hey!!! you've posted something which i really agree on totally man. I've joined me buddies for this shit game DoTA and when i sucked, the "tiu lei's" and the "fucks" all come flying to me.

I mean, it's okay for us to play games to release some stress but i hate it when people get so indulged to it that they can't control my emotions.

although i'm a noob but hey i have feelings as well and being taunted and fucked by my friends gives you a bad feeling about yourself.

so that's why i've decided to kick DoTa out of my life!

and it's definitely not a boy thing. to me at least. I don't see how it makes me a true man.

Cheers to the Death of the able! :D

singingcoconut said...

DOTA, one of my ex's fav game...

Hahas, I used to curse a lot when I CS with my male classmates during jr. high
Am not a guy but am Diablo, 2 moons, Cabal's ex player ;p

Shad said...

HHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA... a confused hypocrite!

Alexis-Marie said...


Aww Gosh, I didn't know that computer games could lead to such irresponsible ways. I always thought what happened in front of the computer stays there and my life goes on.

THis is a whole new perspective...

Oh.. and cute good looking gamer??

uh huh uh huh

Alexis-Marie said...

Mila Cross !!

OK.. I have an answer to that..

Guys can't balance their lives because.. ""Science have proven, that men can only do one thing at one time. It's women who do the multi tasking "" :D

Alexis-Marie said...

hEy Simon!

Oh. WOw. For you to say that You gave it up cause you don't see how it makes you a true man...

LAdies, THIS GUY is a definite DATE MUST!

Rare and hard to find. Pick him up now.

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey singing coconut,

Ooooo cuss words. oooooo. I believe they change a person :)

Sometimes for the better

Alexis-Marie said...


YEAH! That Horse guy is seriously confused.Who goes around doing good and then killing people...

Ok, Saddam, Bush and Osama are not to be referred to.