Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Telephones............ actually it's more of a stalker story.

Thank You Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone. For it he hadn't we'd never be able to have handphones. I seriously grateful for mine cause if it wasn't for the handphone, I would not only find myself stuck in many troublesome situations but I'd also not be able to keep in touch with my darling friends.

And though I have lost 2 phones, and spoiled 2 through rain and clumsy fingers (I keep dropping them on the floor, by accident of course) I still have one which is (still) very functional.
I completely understand you, if you accidentally contacted the wrong person due to a slip of the number or something BUT, AFTER THAT.... You're NOT supposed to call back.

There's this guy who won't stop bugging me. He has been calling me for the past 2 weeks using different numbers from Klang. sometimes it's this KL number 03 **** something and other times it's his 012 handphone. And I've made it very very clear that I don't want to be associated with you.

The conversation went like this. (I have resorted to calling the stalker Sakai hence the name below)
It's the second time I ever talked to him. The first time was when he dialed the wrong number so I told him sorry and that was it.

ME : Hi, I received a miss call from this number (012-9266549). Did you call me?
Sakai : Yes, yes. I'll call you back
ME : Oh ok sure, who's this please?
Sakai: Just wait for a while, I'll call you back. I'll tell you later

I thought it was pretty weird that he couldn't give me his name.

Cause I used to study Literature(high school) and Psychology(college) and we analyzed people's character a lot.
People prefer to remain anonymous when they have something to hide, or if they have a motive that they are gonna carry out. It's easier to hide you see.
Not only is it cowardice but desperate and pathetic at the same time. Sad case

Cause if he was just honest, I would have talked to him. Some men lie cause they want the control, that's all.

Anyways he called back in 30 seconds

ME : Hello?
Sakai : Hi
ME : Who's this?
Sakai : It's not time for me to reveal who I really am
(I was thinking this in my mind : O GOD! Another boy. WTH)
ME: If you don't tell me your name I'm going to hang up.
Sakai : I don't want to tell you my name and even if I do, it would probably be a lie.

.......SOOOOOOOOOO... I hung up. Yay

Who do you think I am? You don't know me yet you wanna introduce yourself like that? Do I look like a toy to you? I am not your mother and that is as much as I know cause the phrase

"I don't want to tell you my name and even if I do, it would probably be a lie."

That is definitely not something you tell a girl you have never met in your life. That's something you tell your mother when you're in trouble or something. Not a female stranger

Anyways after that he told me that I sounded like a very nice when he talked to me over the phone. That my voice was very impressive and that he felt very comfortable with it.

Then he called me 3 more times of which I didn't pick up. So he said Fine... sent me a message that said if I wanted a name, his name is Ronnie. And honestly, after that conversation I had with him, I'm not even sure if he's telling me the truth. So I just ignored it.

2 more miss calls...
and a last message.

He apologized for disturbing me and says that he won't bother me again.
For one second I thought I was mean and that if he could be as courteous as that, I should have at least talked to him. But I didn't want to. It was a gut instinct

So I said my thank you's and a goodbye

2 hours later he started miss calling me again and I KNEW! He was one of those stalker guys.

He called again at midnight, 2 in the morning, 6 am and about 20 minutes ago... ARGH!

This is not the first time things like these have happened to me. sigh. At least it's not as bad as last time

So Moral of the story is this : Guys, if you're impressed by a girl over the phone, do this.

Hi, I'm **Alexander and the other day I accidentally dialed your number wrongly? Yeah I was really impressed by you. I just felt comfortable talking to you so I was wondering if it's ok that we get to know each other? Ya know, just as friends.

You'd definitely get a reply from this cause you're sweet and polite. You bear everything out and show that you're a pleasant, honest young man. See, manners help.

But if she says no........ just leave her alone. She's probably not ready or that she has a boyfriend or that she's just not interested. Of which it's the best choice.

O GOD!......... Another miss call from Sakai. What am I going to do??

ps : Oh yeah always remember... be polite :) It charms girls.


Simon Ho said...

Omg. that's a scary stalker you have there. just ignore him!! the more you reply, the more he likes to stalk you. and i agree that when you are polite and have good manners, you'll get brownie points from the girls. at least, that's what i have been telling myself all this while.

Alexis-Marie said...

Oh God... that's not the scariest stalker yet. I had one back in college. OMG! THAT WAS A SCARY Stalker.. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Armando Torres said...

Wow, that guy has some issues and you have some bad luck to have him call you of all people.

Well, when Im usually stalking a girl I dont like to give my name either, you know just so she knows I'm weird. [Insert Sarcasm Here]

What a weirdo. Hopefully he will stop calling you. Anyway, thanks for the comments on my blog and the link on yours, I greatly appreciate it. If you like my writing you should check out my creative writing blog. I put up my own work along with other authors. Here's the link, no obligation of course.


Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Armando,

Good to see you here.
Yeah that guy's a ***** pick a word.
Don't worry... I think he's stopped calling me now.. So thank God for that.

La Grupeta de la Costa said...

pins you want to translate the blog, brit we do not know english

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming Alexis Marie.

Alexis-Marie said...

No problem anonymous.. lol

Bakelite Gal said...

Fasinating stuff, one scary stalker, and I love the red phone :-)

Anonymous said...


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