Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buzz Buzz is not impossible....

Why the bumble bee flies.

That is the most intriguing, beautiful thing I've heard all week. I love Paulo Coelho. He writes beautiful books like Eleven Minutes about a prostitute and sex and The Devil and Miss Prym about societal views and many more books- The Zahir and especially the well acclaimed "The Alchemist" which won many awards over the years since 1992.

But why this is the most intriguing and beautiful thing that I've heard all week is because, by our laws of physics and aerodynamics, the bumble bee... is not supposed to fly.

But you and I both know that, it(the bumble bee) does fly.

According to the mathematician Michael Atiyah, the bumble bee flies because it doesn't understand the technicalities of physics and aerodynamics.

So everyone, this means that NOTHING is impossible. All you have to do is believe.
This little bumble bee is exactly how Dreams Can Come True.

Like I've always wondered why does this country categorize everything by race.I mean does it even matter?
Demographics, Schools, Statistics, Shops, Clubs, Workplace, POLITICS!! (what's Malaysian Indian Congress and Malaysian Chinese Association for?) Color of cars, Style of clothes.... and so much more they even categorize which shopping malls and pasar malams(night markets) are for Malay and Chinese groups. If there are more Malays there, the chinese won't go. That's honestly just too much.

Have you noticed??

Everywhere you go, someone will judge another persons character based on their skin color. I never got the point of that. Maybe cause I grew up in a school where everyone mixed whether you're English, Malay, Chinese, Indian or Pakistani. Seriously. I had a very mixed group of friends.

And it never mattered what color your skin was, everyone is an individual in their own way... But when I started to work during my one year break. There were all sorts of racial nonsense going around....and it can get a bit unnerving sometimes.

Sometimes I think I'm like the bumble bee. It's because I don't understand the laws of criticism by race, that I am able to see past that and to see each and everyone person as individuals from the many walks of life and that I'm able to respect and accept them for who they are.

It's just so weird. If you think about it.. if we didn't even have the word race, wouldn't Malaysia be a completely different country?


Prem said...


im jus being honest.....


Alexis-Marie said...

O Gosh Prem.. lol. It's not the skin, it's the individual..

Armando Torres said...

I hear ya. Ive faced racism all my life. Little things like getting followed at a store, getting pulled over for nothing and then getting my car searched, being called racial slurs. Life is hard enough to go through just being a freaking human being but I have to worry about the color of my skin now? Its hard enough to go through life worrying about your job, where you grew up, what kind of education you got, being a good person and now the color of my skin is something I have to figure out how to deal with. Im not even a man anymore, Im some racial slur some punk-ass feels like throwing out. I hear ya.

They should just get rid of race and keep the culture and heritage. Thats why race is still around, because it is attached to a group's history.

As for bumble bee reference, maybe EVERYTHING is impossible and the bumble bee is just doing what he sees as possible.

Buzz Buzz

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Armando.

I guess I'm lucky.. I never faced racsim till I started working. . . . hehe.. Yeah. History does play a very important role in life doesn't it?

And it's not that the bumble bee sees it possible. It believes it :D

Simon Ho said...

it will be impossible for racism to go away if our leaders don't change their mindsets. doesn't help as well if some groups of people continue to fan racial issues in their daily life

Alexis-Marie said...

I noticed that everyone in someway are affected by race. Would this mean that it's here to stay??