Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A brand new start after a heavy flood

I had a BLAST in Kuala Lumpur.

The best thing about it was that, I was able to show people that it's ok to talk about stuff they've been hiding in their closets for a long time.
That opportunities come knocking when you start believing that there's always something you can learn from the past or that your future is the most important thing to think about today.

It's just amazing how much people can talk to you and just open up when you share with them as well. Like most of the times from where I come from, I'd share and no one would share back. But here, maybe cause they're lonely, or that they've got no one or that they just need someone to understand, they talk about their problems to lil me. And from there, they start to think and see things differently.

I feel good cause I feel as if I'm helping people. And that makes me feel good about myself. It really does.
Like, I asked my housemate, why does she not go back to college and just have a look around. I mean it's just nearby. She said that she didn't have a good time there. Not many friends and all.

But I dragged her back cause I joined her for lunch and so she has to drop me in college :) Isn't she so kind.

She went back there, to pick up a project and she talked to all her old lecturers. Walked around and looked at the recital hall and said. " This brings back sweet memories". I could tell she was really happy just being there.

AND just cause she went back there, she got offered a better job with SHORTER hours.Plus this is coming from the most prestigious music college in Asia.

Isn't that lovely? Now she can have a life again. I think it's absolutely brilliant. But she's not sure about it cause she has 70 students.

She doesn't just want to hang them to dry. So responsible and loving.

And this is just one story.
My new life is about to begin and I'm going to be so happy living it.

And I love redecorating my new place. yipee!!


This Brazen Teacher said...

I'm jealous of your travels. How cool.

I bet you've never been to central Ohio though. You don't know what you're missing. It's okay though. I won't rub it in.

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Brazen Teacher...

OOooo.. you're so so evil. I think you know you are.oooo

Simon Ho said...

i still consider KL as my home even though there are major issues surrounding our country.

but it's really amazing to hear how you managed to make a difference in your friend's life by doing something so simple. you must be feeling good too eh?

anyway, cheer up k. no point letting someone else making you feel down. be strong girl!

Footyman said...

I love the part about sharing. But couldn't really imagine why people would not share after you have done so.

I suppose inferiority complex plays a part here. Or that people are so wary about what they tell others that it might implicate them somehow in the future.

But am glad you found a place where people do share...that's very good for the heart ;)

Date Girl said...

OH I love redecorating. How fun! You should post some pictures of the transformation of the new place.

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Simon,

It's always so good to hear from you :) Yeah I'll be strong. I met some people online who aren't exactly very friendly.. so I'm just gonna keep my distance there..

But those in real life.. :) Just so happy for them

Alexis-Marie said...


I'm glad too. It feels as if I didn't even move from home. I just fit right in. :)

Alexis-Marie said...

Date Girl!!


Yeah I wanted to put the pictures up. It's just that I left my memory card in KL, so I can't extract it from my camera.. Laters ok :)