Thursday, July 31, 2008

The arrival of the chicken burger


ps: Thank You God for BURGERS... **droooooool


Simon Ho said...

oh my god. your friends will be really angry at you man. hahaha. drink lots of water and get well soon! rest more too!

Alexis-Marie said...

Hahaha.. yes simon. lol.

They're like my mother 100% and more. lol.
The vegetarian goat thought it was just the burger. So he was fine with it. Then he found out I drank coke too.. I really got it


Whoa boy

TheFLy said...

I myself cant stand McDonalds. But I do love Burger King, mmm mmmmm.

Well, greasy food doesnt really help but really try to avoid diary products. That causes phlem build up.

buzz buzz

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey fly.

hahaha.. i have a hilarious burger king story for you.

Burger Kings burgers are so big. I had my first burger at the Kuala Lumpur airport..
I ate half of it in Malaysia
and finished the other half in Thailand. lol.

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Anonymous said...

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