Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... but there are 6 in the fridge and I'm still so weak.

It's been a long hard day but at the end of it, it was all worthwhile.

I've got this really hard lecturer. Brilliant but very strong.

He plays the piano for Sultans and even the International Jazz Festival. He's been a long way in his life and now he's teaching us.

He's definitely not someone you wanna mess around with. He calls us all darlings and dears but is VERY strict when it comes to work. He pushes us to be harder and I'm honestly grateful that I have one of the best lecturers ever.

Just afraid that he'll slash my marks.

But that's the beauty in life.

People have to go through the worse to bring out the best in them
-from The Book of Ruth-

It's the only way that they would ever learn from anything.

I've noticed that when I'm comfortable, secure and happy...
I go through life thinking that everything's going to be fine. When it actually will not be. It's just a monotonous life and nothing would ever happen to you. It's comfortable.. ya know? Like you have safety blanket when things get cold.

You don't think, You don't bother about anything, You're content with what you have and that's all that is ever going to matter.

And because of that, you do nothing about everything. ... but from there, you find contentment and peace within yourself. I know I did in the past one year.

I worked hard, played hard and shopped hard. I was very happy. The typical girl next door. I couldn't ask for more

Now that the vacation is up...... That's all gone

I'm poor, there's a ton of work and I hardly get to go shopping nowadays.

But it's for a good cause

Music changes the world....(but that's another story)

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