Friday, June 27, 2008

Some answers come when you least expect them to

I was cleaning my room earlier (after its LOOOOOONNNGGG awaited clean) and I found this paper. I wrote it when I was having a really tough time at work last year. My colleague was really mean and I got upset and didn't know where to turn to. So I ran up to the rooftop and sat down in the middle of the parking lot and watched the sunset.

When I cooled off two hours later, I wrote this note (which I have kept in this little corner for too long) :

Today, I sat at the rooftop and watched the sunset. At 6.30pm. It was the longest wait EVER!! Everyone knows my impatience and by 7pm, the sun was still up. What nonsense.
So I just had to ask God this question : Why is the world so God damn slow? (And the answer came in the sunset)

The reply:
So that you can appreciate every single last minute you have on this earth. Appreciating all the beauty that I have created for you.
Everything is beautiful. Everything was made with a purpose. Time here, is the essence.
But the essence of time in minutes and seconds rush you further. It moves time to be faster than it truly is.
Time my dear one, is man made. Time in my eyes (God's eyes) are ETERNAL.

And as I sat there watching the Godly long sunset, I learned to appreciate the sun. The sun brings light, warmth and comfort. The magnificent rays upon the skies. It was when the sun had already set that I wished the sun was up. For then came the darkness and the cold winds. But I stopped regretting when I realized that cold winds and darkness are a part of God's creation too and is thus beautiful.

I thought back to my earlier view of the blue finch and my moment of happiness. It came, it went but when you appreciate something in its form of beauty, the happy memory lives on.

This was truly a learning experience for me. I could never have done it if I wasn't depressed.

See, even depression has its role to play in life..

- AlexisMarie -

And now that I'm reading and blogging it out, it helps me understand life a little bit better for today.
I guess I already knew the answer, I just had to remember

I asked :
"Why is the world so God damn slow?" referring to
the movement of the earth on its axis.
And GOD, he gave me a better answer.


Simon Ho said...

it's really hard not to get inspired from your stories as they are really great. and you deserve the hits that you are getting cuz you write and express yourself really well. this is another good example

Date Girl said...

What a great post! There is nothing like a sunset to remind us of the beauty in the world. All good things in life are worth the wait aren't they?

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey Simon

O GOsh. Ya know i feel so flattered that what I think actually matters. I usually get put down hard. Thank You :)

Alexis-Marie said...

Hey there Date Girl.

Oh yes they are. Just wait and they'll just come along.. and Congratulations for waiting long enough to meet Match.

He does sound like the one. :)