Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Love of a Snail

I saw the saddest thing at work yesterday.

Dear Clayton, my boss's 4 year old son who is obsessed with snails accidentally stepped on one. Well you see, snails are our friends and..I quote Simon Goh (my boss) " Snails are our friends. We must protect our friends" lol. He did really say that before.
Well anyways, cause I sit outside during the earlier part of the evening, I watch these snails very very closely. They have this tendency to crawl out of their natural habitat and on to the pathway. I'm usually carrying them back but I missed one :(

And it got splatted. It was sad but I guess if it had to happen, it would have had to happen. Sometimes faith just wants it that way.

What's amazing was that the other snails came out from the grass and straight to it. Don't take it as a fast speed cause they're naturally slow but they still came. It's like they were paying their respects to the snail before it moves on into the next world.

Can snails feel? I always thought they were cute little buggies but I never realized that they could feel too? About 7 snails came and left except for one which stayed with the squishy part of the body. Almost as if it was hoping it would wake up. Probably the lover.
The poor lover. How could this happen to it??

I never noticed this before, but maybe snails love too. Deep down inside they feel each other with those little antennae sticking out of their head.

They're adorable little critters, very shy. They hide right into their shell when you touch them lightly with a leaf.

But I guess all living things love cause people LOVE to Love.. and we all know it feels great right. So if snails love, I wouldn't be surprised.

Mama snail and Baby Snail, (as Clayton would say it) lol.

Anyways, if you guys have something to say, please do. All snails would appreciate it.

Dear snailey who passed away. I never knew you but do know that I wish I did.


David said...

ya know, I usually just whack'em bugs not really caring about whatever. This really is an eye opener ya know.

Kimberly said...

Hey. Nice blog. The snails are SO CUTE

Kirath said...

i read dis wif a fren.. glad to see empathy in all sorts of beings, big n small.. hahaha tot tot

Anonymous said...

i nvr actually thought bout snails in this way..sad 2 say that..makes me look at it in a very different way now...everything has feelings...

GnomeFan said...

the one that i stepped on was a loner. no other snails in sight.

it was an accident.. huhu