Sunday, June 29, 2008

Perak has a football team and though I don't watch, I'm proud of them!

I dropped by the football stadium the other day. It was causing MASSIVE jams on the road. whoa! I never knew the Perak team could draw such attentions. GO PERAK! WOOT!

Anyways, I didn't go there to watch the game. Just to see how everything is. The atmosphere, the lights, the crowd!. You could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was preparing for the game, flags, VIP members.. wow, they reserve seats for politicians too..specially for DAP members. cool.

I definitely noticed one thing. lol. Chinese people don't like football. There, I couldn't see even one in sight. It was more like a Bumiputera event. You wouldn't even know it wasn't a football game. Cause I thought everyone would support the Perak team but they were all just Malay's. I really couldn't see anything Malaysian about it. .... at least someone's supporting Perak, right?

But I was glad about one thing, it wasn't just men at the football game, there were FAMILIES there.
Yes. Families. Can you believe that? From Mothers to Daughters to Grandmothers to sons. They come in big groups too. Probably uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews, cousins and long distant cousins who twiced moved. They were all over like a happy family outing. Holding hands and drinks and burgers.

I don't see that around much. So it had this comfortable homey feel to it. It was nice to see grandparents out and about. I don't know why, but I like seeing old people around. I feel that the world is more gentle when they're about. Have you ever felt that?

Oh. Then I headed over to this Malay restaurant. It was nostalgic. The typical coffee shop outdoor. Their setting took me back to my childhood days in my primary school canteen with the wooden tables and the many trees. Sweet memories once again.

Then, I went on a date. It was sweet :D

(I know I shouldn't have due to issues,,, but it was fun. I'm not going to deny that)

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